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One-stop service for Makeup, Grown and Photo

For the passion of beauty, it has moved me to be a make-up artist specifically trained bridal beauty for years.


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 Catwalk Show 2016 

終於攪掂左 CATWALK SHOW 的 SDE,可以和大家分享回顧我們當日的花絮,辛苦晒當日幫手的攝影 CREW,化妝師和各同事的出力協助,令呢個WEDDING SHOW非常順利完满,特別嗚謝嘉湖海逸酒店。

Thank you all of you!!! We are proud of you!!!






Wedding & Evening Gown Rental


Discover your inner beauty

When you come to Mee-Wedding, you will find that the decoration and feel fresh and neat, a wedding dress are attracted to you, fresh and comfortable atmosphere as if followed. We understand that the bride wants to have a beautiful wedding, it is particularly focused on the wedding dress to make the bride to bring out what the temperament of the wedding dress here most decent and generous A-line design, coupled with the right amount of nail work and Crystal, has been able to play dress beautiful. Vision the Mee-Wedding more wedding dress add a wide range of design effects, such as adding a level and three-dimensional elements, so the wedding dress show unique I also highlight the personal style of the bride.

Line with your requirements

Simple and engaging and that is precisely the source of inspiration for our design style, Dinner installed and tailoring also Slim, high waist style bride can have more lines of the United States.In addition, we also made ​​a special trip to the world search The Luohan have precious wedding dress' to implement to create a timeless romantic feelings for you. To cater for the different needs of each guest, the store is more with Mommy shirt, male ritual rental service. The unique style of male ritual, select and cut also quite diversified, allowing the same protagonist of the groom of the wedding, to show stylish charm.









  Make Up & Hair


Makeup evoked vivid

To have natural, beautiful, engaging and wedding photos, the bride itself the day of the wedding dress is also very important, in addition to looking for a furniture quality photography company. If so dress too exaggerated, it will feel when we look back at photos rustic, so we have always been minimalist designed for the bride to create a continental-style wedding dress and shaping beautiful makeup, thereby gaining the love of many young newcomers.

In addition to leasing the wedding dress, bridal make-up and styling services is also provided. Cumulative years of makeup experience, not only has a keen fashion aesthetic tactile, makeup skills more amazing, knew everything outlined the contours of the face to make the facial features of oriental women become more three-dimensional. Accessories will not only inject fresh flowers elements in hair design, styling and full of vitality, and will also provide a variety of fine payment so that the bride to choose, the overall shape with a finishing touch effect.







Wedding Photo & Video













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What Our Customers Say

我想借位多謝我的化妝師kennis幫我化靚靚, 大婚當日好多人讚我靚呀, kennis真係好有心機, 個個造型我都好鍾意, 又教我點影靚相~~超開心~~ 我一定會介紹mee wedding俾朋友!! 多謝哂 kennis >w<~~
Amy Lam - Dec 10, 2012
多謝你呀Kennis!!!!!! 係我大日子當日幫我化得好靚好sharp, 個個都贊好靚好靚好靚, 問我攞你電話!!! 仲有你地既衫都好靚, 我好鐘意啊!! 遲左同你講多謝, 因為我剛去完旅行返來 :)
Fanny Chiu - Dec 4, 2012
多謝KAKA係我大日子(25/11) 幫我打扮得靚靚! 轉妝快手之餘, 造型設計亦十分配合, 頭飾又靚, 好鍾意呀! 一定會推薦俾朋友 =D 要繼續加油
Anki Tang - Nov 30, 2012
21/10 kaka 幫我化妝,非常滿意!大家也激讚!推介推介^o^
Ruby Chan - Oct 26, 2012